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Sons of Woman Killed in Palm Coast Plane Crash Sue FAA

courtroomThe sons of Charisse Peoples, 42, who died in a small plane crash in Palm Coast, Florida, have filed a wrongful death suit against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The plane crashed on January 4, 2013, into a house close to the Flagler airport, resulting in the death of pilot, Charisse Peoples and another passenger. According to the lawsuit, the FAA showed negligence when Air Traffic Controller (ATC) directed the pilot to Flagler County Airport, Florida.

ATC had said Flagler airport was 4 miles from the plane’s location. The lawsuit claims that Flagler airport was actually 8 miles away at the time, whereas the Ormond Beach Municipal Airport was comparatively near. Furthermore, ATC directed the pilot to take a number of turns before landing, despite knowing the plane had insufficient engine power.