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Widow Sues Nail Salon for Husband’s Death

courtroomAn Illinois widow has sued a nail salon for her husband’s death, claiming his pedicure treatment “ultimately caused or contributed to his death.”

Darryl Carr, who was a diabetic, went for a pedicure treatment at AZ Happy Nails Salon in November last year. According to the lawsuit, the salon staff “used contaminated and/or unsafe chemical and/or wax solutions”, soaked his left foot for excessive time and “failed to inquire as to any underlying medical conditions before commencing the procedure.”

The lawsuit, seeking over $50,000, claims that after the treatment, Carr got “serious burns to his left foot and leg, which subsequently became infected, resulting in the amputation of his left foot and leg, and other medical complications that ultimately caused or contributed to his death on June 4, 2015.”