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Caterpillar to Pay $24 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Justice scale on blue backgroundIn a wrongful death suit filed against famous construction equipment manufacturers, Caterpillar Inc., jury has awarded $24 million to the family of victim Emery Bowie.

Bowie died on August 9, 2007, while he was operating a bulldozer at the Motiva refinery, Port Arthur. On August 19, 2008, his widow Sharecka Bowie filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County District Court, against the employer, Standard Constructors, the bulldozer’s manufacturer, Caterpillar, and the company that sold the bulldozer, Mustang Machinery.

The lawsuit claimed that Emery stood up to signal his fellow worker when the bulldozer, which was stationary at the time, moved in the reverse direction and injured him.

The jury concluded that the machinery had a design defect and declared that Caterpillar was 80 percent responsible for the accident while 20 percent fault was Emery’s.