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Widow Sues Herself after Husband Dies in Car Accident

autoFollowing the death of a man in car accident in December 2011, Utah appeal court has allowed his widow to sue herself for negligence.

Fifty-five year old Barbara Bagley was driving the vehicle in Nevada desert when it crashed into a large bush. Her husband Bradley Vom Baur was thrown out of the car and died 10 days later.

According to Reid Tateoka, who is representing Ms Bagley, ”The insurance company refused to pay out and said she was at fault…It said it was prepared to pay for the car, but it would not take responsibility for her husband.”

Barbara Bagley, who is also the representative of her husband’s estate, is now seeking damages to cover the hospital expenses, funeral expenses as well as compensation for the pain suffered by Bradley.

According to the court’s decision, Ms. Bagley will have to present evidence against herself to prove negligence.