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I am no lawyer, but you don’t have to be a lawyer to know that there is no number value that can be given to equal a human life. Life is priceless.  But lawyers and the law have to come up with a number figure to satisfy the rule of law. So technically, the numeric value given to a human life varies from country to country, and from person to person.

Given their options, governments, agencies, business will lowball the value of a human life.  Lawyers fight for justice for the individual, and do their best to seek compensation, because in the balance of things, when someone’s life is lost, their absence is felt.  Those responsible for that loss fight tooth and nail to keep from paying a penny more than they must, but rest assured that these businesses are heavily insured, and able to pay millions more than they do.  It’s just the way “business” is done.

So good lawyers defend the families of those who have died. A good lawyer will see do everything possible to see that the family can still afford to survive. No money can ever replace a family member, but the damage can be cushioned. That’s what compensation is about.  We will try here to follow news of compensation as it hits the press.  But news may be few and far between, because frequently compensation figures are not disclosed, and even when they are publicly shared, those numbers may be contested in a future day in court.


George Hatcher, President

Air Crash Consultants

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