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Family of Motorist in Deadly Metro-North Crash Lawsuit

Ellen Brody and five train passengers were killed on Feb. 3 crash after Brody’s SUV stopped on the tracks near Valhalla, New York on the service’s Harlem Line. Brody’s family says the crossing where the accident happened is unsafe and filed 2 notices of claim, one against Metro North, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Westchester County, and Mount Pleasant, New York; and a second claim against New York state.The hazardous nature of the railroad crossing and restricted line of sight trapped Brody, leading to her death. In 1984, another accident occurred at the same location. Damages in a case like this may include compensation for both non-economic and economic losses.

Helia Healthcare Nursing homes Seek Detailed Statement


Two nursing homes accused of neglecting an elderly woman, Dorothy Hughes, allegedly leading to her death seek more definitive statements. Hughes was living at Helia Healthcare of Energy from October 2012 through December 2012 where employees allowed her to suffer from dehydration, loss of cognitive skills, loss of social skills, depression, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, malnutrition, weight loss and injuries from falling. In all eight counts, the plaintiff claims negligence caused the decedent to suffer injuries from falling.The complaint includes 46 allegations of negligence. Lawyers seeks judgment of more than $400,000, plus attorney fees and costs.

Gang Faked Bus Crash

Fraudsters were found guilty of staging a fake bus crash to get £500,000 by putting 26 of their friends in a bus and paying the driver to deliberately drive into a car. Everyone said they had whiplash. Six ambulances arrived and found many fake injured and 7 real passengers who said it was a minor bump. The ringleader was Mohammed Gulzar, 30. The driver, Adam Herbert, 25, was promised £300 for each claim. What’s more, the group had staged a number of crashes between 2010 and 2011.