Widow Files Lawsuit After Suicidal Man Fatally Shot by Police

courtroomThe widow of Stephen McKenney, 66, who was shot and killed by a Cumberland County police officer last year, has filed a $2 Million wrongful death lawsuit in Cumberland County Superior Court in Portland, Maine.

According to the widow Vicki McKenney, who is also a witness to the incident, the suicidal Windham man was holding his revolver on April 12 when a Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy shot him in the head.

In the lawsuit, she has claimed that Deputy Nicholas Mangino “unilaterally opened fire with his rifle” even though her husband was not posing any threat to anyone besides himself. She also said that the police did not make any efforts to communicate with his husband.

The lawsuit, filed on February 5, lists Deputy Nicholas Mangino, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and the Windham Police Department as defendants.

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