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Road Crash Victim’s Husband Gets $12.8 Million in Wrongful Death Settlement

autoA man, whose wife was killed in a three-vehicle crash at U.S. 20 and County Road 31, near Middlebury, Indiana, in 2011, will receive $12.8 million as wrongful death settlement.

On the evening of Sept. 16, 2011, Pamela Beemer, 46, and two other women were travelling west on U.S. 20 when a semitrailer, travelling east, veered off the center line and came in the path of their car. The car crashed into the semitrailer and subsequently collided with an escort vehicle. Beemer was killed in the accident, along with her fellow passengers Maxine Sailor, 87, and Virginia Miller, 85.

Following the accident, Beemer’s husband Robert Burg filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that the semitrailer and escort vehicles violated the state law by travelling on the road after sunset, without police escort. The lawsuit also claims that the truck was transporting an oversized section of a wind tower even though the driver had no experience of hauling oversized loads.

The parties reached a settlement, according to which the trucking company and driver will pay $1.75 million to Burg. Furthermore, the shipper and operators of the front escort vehicle will pay $1 million each, the operators of 2 rear escort vehicles will be liable to pay $965,000 while the owner of semitrailer will pay $175,000.

The settlement was approved by a judge of Elkhart Circuit Court on February 17.

San Francisco Jury Awards $4 Million to Family of Bicyclist Killed by Truck

autoThe San Francisco Superior Court has awarded $4 million to the family of a young woman, who was hit and killed by a truck while riding her bicycle last year.

Twenty-four year old Amelie Le Moullac, of San Francisco, was on her morning commute on August 13, 2013, when she was hit by the truck, driven by Gilberto Alcantar, at the corner of Sixth and Folsom in San Francisco.

Initially, the San Francisco Police Department laid all blame on the bicyclist however, they later changed their opinion after a surveillance video showed that the truck driver was at fault.

Following the accident, the victim’s family had filed a lawsuit against the trucking company. Considering the evidence, the jury declared that the truck driver was indeed at fault and awarded $4 million compensation to Moullac’s family.