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Family Sues Seminole County Public Schools Over Teen’s Death

The parents of a 14-year-old boy who committed suicide at a school has filed a negligent death suit against Seminole County Public Schools, Florida.

Lamar Hawkins shot himself in a school bathroom last year. According to the lawsuit, he committed suicide after being bullied for months by some students at Greenwood Lakes Middle School. His parents had complained to the principal more than 10 times but the school failed to take any action.

Seminole County investigators found no evidence of bullying in the case. However, Attorney Matt Morgan said, “Verbal assaults are bullying. Going online and attacking people on Facebook, on all these various sites, on Instagram… that’s bullying,” Morgan said. “Just because someone doesn’t have their teeth knocked out everyday doesn’t mean that they’re not going to school and being bullied. That’s the key distinction.”

Family Files Lawsuit After African-American Woman’s Apparent Suicide in Texas Prison

arbitration The family of 28-year-old African-American Sandra Bland, who apparently committed suicide in a Texas prison cell, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Bland was arrested by a white trooper, Brian Encinia, for not giving lane-change indicator while driving in Prairie View, Texas, on July 10. She was found dead in her cell 3 days later. A trash bag was found around her neck, raising suspicion of racist treatment.

According to the lawsuit, Encinia “intentionally, willfully, wantonly, and unreasonably deprived Sandra Bland of her rights, privileges and immunities secured by the U.S. Constitution.” In addition to Encinia, the lawsuit also includes Waller County, sheriff’s department and 2 jailers as defendants.

Daughters File Wrongful Death Suit after Casey County Woman’s Alleged Suicide

arbitrationFamily of a Casey County woman Leah Skipper, who died on March 24, 2014, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her longtime boyfriend Michael Johnson.

Leah Skipper’s death was caused by a single gunshot to the right of her head and was ruled a suicide.

The lawsuit filed by her daughters Sierra Skipper and Savannah Skipper, in the Casey Circuit Court, claims that Johnson has a history of domestic violence against their mother and he intentionally and/or negligently caused her death.

The lawsuit seeks $3 million in punitive damages and an unspecified amount for Skipper’s lost wages.

Family Sues Hospital after Boy Under Suicide Watch Kills Himself

cropped-Fotolia_72101625_XS.jpgThe family of 20-year-old Prashant Tiwari, who committed suicide last year while under suicide watch in the psychiatric unit of Brampton Civic Hospital, Ontario, Canada, has filed a wrongful death and breach of privacy lawsuit against the hospital.

According to the family, the hospital staff was supposed to check on Prashant every 15 minutes. However, they left him unattended for more than 2.5 hours during which, he killed himself. His body was later found in washroom. The $12.5 million lawsuit also claims that the hospital staff accessed Prashant’s personal information after his death, without authorization.

According to the family’s lawyer Michael Smitiuch, of Smitiuch Injury Law, “This is a tragic case the puts the focus on a much wider problem…Far more attention needs to be given to protect vulnerable people, like Prashant, whose lives depend on a higher standard of hospital care.”

Mom Files Lawsuit after Inmate Commits Suicide at Rikers

Justice scale on blue backgroundThe mother of 31-year-old Quannell Offley, who committed suicide in a Rikers Island solitary confinement cell on December 3, 2013, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city on February 10.

Offley was arrested on an attempted robbery charge and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. He was later placed in solitary confinement, even after he repeatedly told the jail guards that he was suicidal. According to the investigative documents, a guard once replied to him, “If you have the balls, go ahead and do it.”

According to Paul Weitz, who is representing the victim’s mother Desdemona Offley in her lawsuit, Offley committed suicide just days after he attempted to use a bedsheet tied to an air vent for killing himself. “He was begging to be transferred to a medical facility and they couldn’t have cared less…It is hard to believe that in this day and age we treat our prisoners in this country so callously.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in Bronx Supreme Court, claims unspecified damages.