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Family of Man Fatally Shot by Newport News Police Files Wrongful Death Suit

Justice on Wooden Piece Arranged by BusinessmanThe family of Kawanza J. Beaty, a Newport News man who was shot by police, has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that detective Randy Gibson Jr shot 23-year-old Beaty during a chase, after receiving a tip that he was in possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

The lawsuit names detective Randy Gibson Jr., Newport News Police Chief Richard W. Myers, and the City of Newport News as defendants.

Widow of Man Shot by Pasco Police Withdraws Wrongful Death Claim

The widow of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, who was fatally shot by the Pasco police on February 10, is withdrawing the wrongful death claim filed against the city on February 13.

The $25 million claim alleged that the officers were not justified at fatally shooting Antonio as he posed no danger to them.

The victim’s widow Teresa de Jesus Meraz-Ruiz will now be represented by attorney Charles Herrmann. According to Herrmann, the claim filed earlier was “was premature, ill-considered, and done without Teresa’s knowledge or express consent.” He further said that his firm is now independently investigating the case and will file a new claim after considering all aspects.


Family of Man Fatally Shot by Pasco Police Files Wrongful Death Claim

arbitrationThe family of 35-year-old Antonio Zambrano-Montes, who was shot and killed by Pasco police on February 10, filed a wrongful death claim against the city on February 13.

Police officers arrived at the scene following a 911 report of a man throwing rocks at vehicles in Pasco, Washington. The officers said that Antonio Zambrano-Montes also threw rocks at them and his behavior was threatening and erratic.

According to the claim filed by the victim’s widow Teresa De Jesus Meraz Ruiz, 32 and 2 daughters, the officers chased him across a busy intersection in downtown and then killed him on a sidewalk. The claim further says that officers were not justified at the use of excessive and deadly force, as Antonio posed no threat to them.

The police and prosecutors confirmed that Antonio did not have a knife or a firearm at the time of his death.

The $25 million claim serves as a notice that the family will file a wrongful death lawsuit if the city does not respond within 60 days.

Widow Files Lawsuit After Suicidal Man Fatally Shot by Police

courtroomThe widow of Stephen McKenney, 66, who was shot and killed by a Cumberland County police officer last year, has filed a $2 Million wrongful death lawsuit in Cumberland County Superior Court in Portland, Maine.

According to the widow Vicki McKenney, who is also a witness to the incident, the suicidal Windham man was holding his revolver on April 12 when a Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy shot him in the head.

In the lawsuit, she has claimed that Deputy Nicholas Mangino “unilaterally opened fire with his rifle” even though her husband was not posing any threat to anyone besides himself. She also said that the police did not make any efforts to communicate with his husband.

The lawsuit, filed on February 5, lists Deputy Nicholas Mangino, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and the Windham Police Department as defendants.