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Jury Awards $5 Million to Family of Man Who Died in Montgomery County Hospital

Justice scale on blue backgroundFollowing the death of an 88-year-old man at Abington Memorial Hospital in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a jury has awarded $5 million to his family.

Marvin Summerford was shifted to the hospital in November 2008 due to episodes of fainting. He died less than a week later after radiologists misread an X-ray, causing a feeding tube to fill his left lung. According to plaintiffs’ lawyer Michael A. Trunk, “Marvin Summerford’s lung was pumped full of feeding solution, in essence slowly drowning him while he was fully conscious and his arms were restrained.”

The hospital said in a statement, “This was an unfortunate outcome for the family…However, the hospital is disappointed in the award and is considering post-trial options.”


Justice on Wooden Piece Arranged by BusinessmanThe family of Frank Smart Jr., who died in Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has filed a wrongful death suit against the jail and its health care provider “Corizon Health Inc”.

Smart, 39, was arrested on January 4, on the charges of forgery, marijuana possession, theft and conspiracy. According to the lawsuit, he died on January 5, 2015, due to health-care negligence as he was shackled and handcuffed during a seizure. He was later taken to UPMC Mercy but could not survive.

The lawsuit claims that it was duty of the jail and the health care providers to ensure Smart’s safety and health, however, the Jail guards and health care providers ignored Smart’s requests for medication.