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Husband of Akron Plane Crash Victim Files Lawsuit Against Plane’s Owner

courtroomThe husband of Diana Suriel, one of the seven passengers killed in a plane crash last year, has filed a lawsuit against the plane’s owner in a Florida court.

The Hawker 125-700 plane went down on November 10th while it was attempting to land at Akron Fulton International Airport in Summit County, Ohio. There were nine people aboard at the time, including the pilot, the co-pilot, and seven passengers; all of them were killed in the crash.

The lawsuit filed by Diana’s husband Joel Castillo said that Rais Group International, that owned the plane, as well as ExecuFlight Inc., that leased it from the owner, allowed the pilots to fly the plane with defective equipment. It further alleges that the pilots did not have proper licenses and operated the aircraft at a dangerously low altitude that made the landing difficult.

Family of Missing El Faro Cargo Ship Crew Member Files Wrongful Death Suit

Justice scale on blue backgroundThe family of a missing El Faro cargo ship crew member has filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit.

Lonnie Jordan was one of the 33 crew members aboard the Puerto Rico-bound ship that sank off Bahamas on October 1st during Hurricane Joaquin.

The lawsuit claims that the ship’s condition was not good enough to face a violent storm. It also alleges that the captain failed to avoid the storm even though he had been informed in time.

The suit names TOTE Services Inc., of Jacksonville, Florida, the vessel operator TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, and the ship’s captain Michael Davidson as defendants.

Family Sues Seminole County Public Schools Over Teen’s Death

The parents of a 14-year-old boy who committed suicide at a school has filed a negligent death suit against Seminole County Public Schools, Florida.

Lamar Hawkins shot himself in a school bathroom last year. According to the lawsuit, he committed suicide after being bullied for months by some students at Greenwood Lakes Middle School. His parents had complained to the principal more than 10 times but the school failed to take any action.

Seminole County investigators found no evidence of bullying in the case. However, Attorney Matt Morgan said, “Verbal assaults are bullying. Going online and attacking people on Facebook, on all these various sites, on Instagram… that’s bullying,” Morgan said. “Just because someone doesn’t have their teeth knocked out everyday doesn’t mean that they’re not going to school and being bullied. That’s the key distinction.”

Family Sues Construction Company over Daughter’s Death in I-75 Crash

autoThe family of a teenage girl, who was killed last month in a road crash at Interstate 75, Florida, has filed a wrongful death suit against Ranger Construction Company.

Liza Angulo, 17, was killed after the BMW she was driving crashed into a tractor-trailer that was exiting a construction site and a cement barrier fell on the roof of her vehicle.

The lawsuit claims that the accident occurred due to negligence of Ranger Construction Company. According to the plaintiffs’ attorney Carlos Silva, “We are very concerned with what’s happening on I-75, and really more than just the lawsuit, we want to make sure that Ranger Construction company goes ahead and takes care of the problem that’s going on there…There’s construction in the area and all around where the accident happened.”

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed against Alleged Drunk Driver after Death of Cyclist

autoFollowing the death of 51-year-old Cyclist Walter Reyes in a road accident, his family has filed a wrongful death suit against the driver of the car, that hit him.

The accident happened on January 21, 2015, when Reyes and his friend Henry Hernandez, 40, were riding their bikes along Crandon Boulevard in Key Biscayne, Florida. Police said that the car driver, identified as Alejandro Alvarez, 21, was drunk at the time of accident.

According to the victim’s daughter Jennifer Reyes, 19, “Stupid actions have tragic consequences… Driving while under the influence is something completely preventable…There are multiple options to avoid getting behind the wheel. There are no excuses.”

The lawsuit names Alejandro Alvarez and his father as defendants.