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Father of Teenager Killed While Driving Drunk Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Alcohol Businesses

autoThe father of Johnathan Taylor, who was killed on June 28, 2014 at Hunting Ridge Road, North Raleigh in North Carolina, while driving drunk, has sued the businesses who served and supplied alcohol at the wedding party Johnathan had attended before the crash.

Johnathan, 18, who was a fresh graduate, was returning from a wedding party held at physician Charles Matthews’s home, when his car smashed into a tree.

The wrongful- death lawsuit was filed by the Taylors against “Ridgewood Wine & Beer”, the company that supplied alcohol at the party, and “Parizade”, a Durham caterer and restaurant, that served alcohol at the party. The Wake County ABC Board is also being sued for selling alcohol to underage, as the Taylors claim Johnathan had visited ABC store at Cameron Village before the party.

Victim’s Family Awarded Over $16 Million in Drunk Driving Wrongful Death Lawsuit

autoA Hamilton family will get more than $16 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against Hamilton Healthcare Center, Texas.

The lawsuit accused the nursing home of allowing a drunk employee, Alisa Prueitt, to drive home. As per the court documents, Prueitt was asked to go home because she was ‘unfocused’. On her way home, she rammed her car into a vehicle driven by Sam Graham. Graham was killed in the accident while his wife and 2 children were injured.

The lawsuit claims that Prueitt’s blood alcohol level was 0.40 at the time while the threshold for considering a driver drunk is 0.08.

Following the accident, Prueit was sentenced to 28 years in prison for intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.

The jury awarded $16.7 million, including $5 million in punitive damages, to the family of Sam Graham.