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Relatives Turn Down TransAsia Offers of $472,807 of Compensation For Each Person Killed On GE 235


The amount which was rejected immediately included emergency relief funds(so-called “consolation money”) of $6,300 and a funeral allowance of $38,000 already received. This is already the second mediation hearing since the crash on Feb 4. The amount is the same figure paid to families after TransAsia’s last accident seven months ago.

TransAsia Broaches Topic of Compensation

TransAsia met with victims relatives to talk about compensation Sunday.

The airline began distributing 1.2 million Taiwan dollars ($38,000) to families for funeral costs. Probably any such compensation will be subtracted from the amount awarded by the courts.

Later in the week, more airline reps plan to meet with families to talk about compensation.

Compensation More Than a Decade Later

Compensation cases can take a long time. In the LAPA case. On August 31 1999 Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas Flight 3142 (LV-WRZ) flew Buenos Aires–Córdoba but crashed the perimeter fence, across a street, struck a car and collided with a median and road machinery. Nine families were given the wrong bodies. Those bodies were exhumed, checked, delivered to the correct families, and reburied at the cost of Argentina’s First Chamber of the House. The financial cost associated with all of this was covered. Not the emotional cost. Three of those families affected will be compensated 100 thousand dollars plus interest this many years later. I cannot help but wonder about the families who were not compensated, and wonder if it has been so long that there is no one left to pay.